2 Book Set A Step-by-step guide to year round gardening activities and Plastic Free Gardening


A Step-by-step guide to year round gardening activities

52 simple yet inspirational ideas for all

Whether you’re a novice gardener or keen enthusiast, this guide is for you. Are you in need of new suggestions to keep your group going throughout the year, on the rainy days as well as the sunny ones? Unsure of what to plant, when, to ensure a gorgeous display or a tasty crop? Don’t worry. We have created 52 simple activities to keep you and your group gardening all year – and many can be completed on a table-top.

Lovingly compiled by our team of can-do gardeners who are used to growing things in all kinds of situations, these activities will work in most micro-climates. You’ll find ideas to suit whether you garden in northern glens where the sun doesn’t reach the soil ‘til late in the day or in wet western towns where you know it’s summer mainly because the rain gets warmer.

The activity ideas here are designed to be enjoyed by anyone, with adaptations to help whether manual dexterity is not your strong point, you’re adapting things with a friend who gardens in a wheelchair, or perhaps you garden with people with visual impairments or dementia.

Many of the ideas include extension suggestions – conversation topics, crafts and cooking ideas or ways to make a project more sociable. Packed with exciting and adaptable activities and inspiration, we hope this guide will have you gardening

Year round Gardening Activities
A Step-by-Step Guide to Year Round Gardening Activities

Plastic-free Gardening

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of plastic in the world and in your garden? Worried that you alone can’t make much difference? Are you confused by all the gardening products claiming to be biodegradable or compostable? Or maybe you just don’t know where to start? This book is for you.

This book offers clear information about garden plastics and their effects on the environment.  It offers help to weigh up alternative materials and marketing claims

Low-cost, fun and DIY ideas for adapting your garden and the way you garden to use less plastic

‘An excellent well-researched reference and the first book on how to reduce the use of plastics in horticulture. The author offers practical solutions to one of today’s key environmental challenges for gardeners.’  Ken Cox, author of Woodland Gardening

While most book covers contain plastic, this one is plastic-free.

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Two book set – Plastic Free Gardening and A Step-by-step guide to year round gardening activities

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